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Why is it free?

Our VPN is completely free, with no speed or traffic limits. We are not like 99% of other free VPN services, because they limit the traffic amount or the bandwidth.

Why is it free?

We are a non-profit organization that created a VPN service by our own efforts in the very beginning. Now, the service depends on donations of our grateful clients.

We believe that the Internet was built for people, not for profit. And it has to be safe and secure.

If you are satisfied with our service and would like to help us financially:


FineVPN - secure and free VPN for you!

Free VPN!

Get a free VPN!
Suitable for all sites and any purposes.
Facebook, Youtube, Pornohub, Google, Torrenting, Streaming, Netflix, TikTok
Free VPN account for 30 days (free extension)

What tasks does the VPN solve?

Get access to content from anywhere in the world

Get access to content from anywhere in the world

Bypass the online restrictions and access the sites. Remove restrictions on sites such as Facebook, Gmail, VK, auto, wot, dota, wow, mamba, Spotify and YouTube that your provider or office sysadmin has set up.

Be safe from hackers

Be safe from hackers

Enjoy complete security even in open Wi-Fi networks while working in cafes, subways or on the street. Don't let hackers steal passwords, bank card data, your private photos and videos.

Use the Internet anonymously

Use the Internet anonymously

Get 100% Internet traffic encryption. Don't even give attackers a chance to "peek" at you.

How does our VPN service differ from others?

We do not have our own software or application. That's a plus, not a minus, from our point of view. Many VPN services, including paid services, embed backdoors/trojans/crypto miners into applications. With our VPN you can use any Open source solution that is tested and/or even using standard settings of the operating system itself.

With servers in 20 countries you have a lot to choose from.
List of available countries: France, Canada, Germany, England, China, USA, Netherlands, Australia, Russia, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, Argentina, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine.

Some VPN services can significantly slow down your Internet connection. Our VPN will keep your speed high.

We support different types of VPNs: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, Softether VPN.
Unlimited traffic.

You can use our VPN on various platforms: Mac, Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux, Android, iOS.

Technical support is available at any time 24/7.

It's free! Absolutely free VPN...

How does VPN work?

Our VPN service allows you to use the Internet as a private network. What does it give you? High level of anonymity, hiding IP and access to sites that for any reason limited access to them from any country, such as Spotify or your sysadmin at work restricted your access to sites/services, mainly these are: game sites (wot, dota, wow), dating sites (mamba), all entertainment resources (vk, facebook),,,

Our VPN has good bandwidth: all servers are connected to ports from 100mb/s to 10gb/s. Large selection of countries. 100% traffic encryption.

Get Free VPN!

1Get ready!

Our VPN encrypts your data to ensure complete anonymity. We have a program for OS Windows that will help you install your VPN in a few clicks.

2Set location

Looking for blocked sites from other countries? Choose your virtual citizenship with our VPN. Want to bypass blocked sites by admin? We are glad to help you.

3Let's go!

...and use the Internet as usual!

Get Free VPN!


I can say one thing worthy service! I use with pleasure All is satisfactory, there are no problems, tech support is operative. I contacted the support chat – they helped me in 10 minutes, and also asked me not to disconnect until I inform them about the result. I recommend it.


Excellent service, support responds very quickly, I have been using this service for a couple of months and am very satisfied. A simple, straightforward and convenient application for connecting to the network via VPN. For inexperienced users, it’s one of the best options.


It does what its supposed to do. Great number of servers to choose from, connection is stable and if not, the killswitch feature works well and kills your internet connection. This is fantastic! Great service, I switched from expressvpn and don’t regret waiting so long, your service is very reliable, thank you.


I can’t access Facebook and Youtube in my work. But thankfully with FineVPN app I can unlock all the websites I want. There’s absolutely nothing you can improve upon… really. This VPN service is fantastic and I’m so glad I was able to find it.


I haven’t noticed any problems so far . I don’t have to keep checking to make sure it’s on! It works great, and I have no problem accessing the sites I want. It’s a good service, though it’s a little bit expensive for me but at least you get quality for that price.


My subscription is set up on multiple devices – phone, laptop, work computer and router. Not only do I feel secure I can access streaming services easily too. Using VPN is a pleasure too, so easy to use. There is absolutely nothing that can be improved… Really. This VPN service is fantastic, and I’m really glad I was able to find it.


Works well on my laptop, and in the app on my phone works great, in Saudi Arabia. i am very happy with this VPN. Its fast and I don’t need to think about it. It just works. If you want to try it, there are great deals you could find.


Honestly, I’m a big fan. It does wonders for my family in China and for me in the States. When one of our subscriptions comes to an end, I am happy to make the payment. Keep up the good work!


One of the most stable VPNs on the market. Easy to use. Good speed depending on provider. it is very simple to use, and helps a lot in e commerce tasks when I can check for shop setup in different regions.


Your VPN was very helpful while I was in China. This program for android phone works perfectly. I can honestly say that this is the best VPN I’ve ever had, and I have tried a lot their customer service, is excellent, they did their very best to help me with any issues. Thank you


This service was fantastic. Especially in China and on open providers at airports, etc. It gives me peace of mind, Because I’m always safe and no one can track me down. I am very happy.


I don’t do anything criminal or reprehensible, but I like to be anonymous and keep the history of actions personal. I don’t like it when advertisers collect information about me. That’s why I use a VPN. I liked the service, convenient, fast, and quality, I have tried many VPN, but I was surprised by its fast work, definitely advise


Even though I’m not a pro at tech things but I can definitely recommend this service. What I like the most that it works for both torrenting and streaming Netflix. These were the main things I needed VPN for. So if you’re like me, then I can confirm it’s a good choice.


You are what I use when I connect to public Wi-Fi. There are too many exploits and I don’t want to fall victim to any of them. I think this is the best VPN provider I’ve ever tried… excellent speed and good algorithm for quick connection.


Quick setup, easy to use, and fast connection. A wonderful VPN service that has a wide range of settings that allow you to fine-tune the operation of each element of the application. The structure of the server selection deserves a separate assessment. In my opinion, this is the only service that provides such a huge selection of countries


Know your IP address

Knowing your IP address, attackers can get you very a lot of information. Below is only a small part.
Your IP-address


P2P VPN, also known as Peer-to-Peer Virtual Private Network, is a type of VPN (Virtual Private Network) that allows users to establish direct connections with each other, rather than routing their traffic through a central server. In a traditional VPN, all traffic is typically routed through a central server, which can potentially create a single point of failure or bottleneck.

With P2P VPN, users can connect directly to each other’s devices, creating a decentralized network. This allows for more efficient and direct communication between users, as well as increased privacy and security. P2P VPNs are often used for file sharing, online gaming, and other applications where direct connections between users are beneficial.

VPN Super Unlimited Proxy is a virtual private network (VPN) service that provides users with a secure and private internet connection. It allows users to browse the internet anonymously by encrypting their internet traffic and routing it through a remote server. This helps to protect users’ online privacy and security by hiding their IP address and preventing their internet activities from being tracked or monitored by third parties. Additionally, VPN Super Unlimited Proxy allows users to bypass geo-restrictions and access blocked websites or content by masking their location and making it appear as if they are browsing from a different country.

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is used for several purposes:

1. Security and Privacy: VPNs encrypt your internet connection, ensuring that your online activities and data remain private and secure from hackers, government surveillance, or other unauthorized access.

2. Remote Access: VPNs allow users to securely access their organization’s network or resources from a remote location. This is particularly useful for employees working from home or while traveling.

3. Bypassing Geo-restrictions: VPNs can help bypass geographical restrictions imposed by certain websites or streaming services. By connecting to a server in a different country, users can access content that may be blocked or unavailable in their location.

4. Anonymity and Online Freedom: VPNs can provide anonymity by masking your IP address and location, making it difficult for websites or online services to track your online activities. This can be beneficial for individuals who want to maintain their privacy or access censored content.

5. Secure Public Wi-Fi: When connected to public Wi-Fi networks, VPNs can protect your data from potential threats or attacks by encrypting your connection and preventing unauthorized access to your personal information.

Overall, VPNs offer enhanced security, privacy, and accessibility for internet users.

To use a VPN on your OnePlus device, you can follow these steps:

1. Download a VPN app: Go to the Google Play Store on your OnePlus device and search for a VPN app. Some popular options include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost. Download and install the app of your choice.

2. Launch the VPN app: Once the app is installed, open it on your OnePlus device.

3. Sign in or create an account: If the VPN app requires you to sign in or create an account, follow the on-screen instructions to do so.

4. Connect to a VPN server: After signing in, you will usually see a list of available VPN servers. Select a server location that you want to connect to. You can choose a server in a different country to access region-restricted content or for enhanced privacy.

5. Connect to the VPN: Tap on the “Connect” or “On” button to establish a connection to the selected VPN server. The app may ask for permission to establish the VPN connection, so grant the necessary permissions.

6. Wait for the connection: The VPN app will establish a secure connection to the server you selected. Once the connection is established, you will see a notification indicating that you are connected to the VPN.

7. Verify the VPN connection: To ensure that the VPN is working, you can visit a website like to check your IP address. It should show the IP address of the VPN server you connected to, rather than your actual IP address.

8. Disconnect from the VPN: When you no longer need the VPN, you can simply open the VPN app and tap on the “Disconnect” or “Off” button to end the VPN connection.

Note: The steps may vary slightly depending on the VPN app you choose, but the general process remains the same.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is important when working remotely for several reasons:

1. Security: When working remotely, you are likely accessing sensitive company data and resources over the internet. A VPN encrypts your internet connection, ensuring that your data is secure and protected from potential hackers or eavesdroppers. It creates a secure tunnel between your device and the company’s network, making it difficult for anyone to intercept or access your data.

2. Privacy: A VPN masks your IP address and location, making it difficult for websites, online services, or even your internet service provider (ISP) to track your online activities. This helps protect your privacy and prevents your internet traffic from being monitored or logged.

3. Access to company resources: Many companies have internal networks or resources that are only accessible within their premises. By using a VPN, you can securely connect to your company’s network and access these resources as if you were physically present in the office. This allows for seamless collaboration and access to important files, databases, or applications.

4. Public Wi-Fi security: When working remotely, you may often rely on public Wi-Fi networks in cafes, airports, or hotels. These networks are often unsecured, making it easier for hackers to intercept your data. A VPN encrypts your connection, ensuring that even if you are connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi network, your data remains protected.

5. Bypassing geo-restrictions: Some companies may have certain services or websites that are only accessible from specific regions. By using a VPN, you can connect to a server in the required region and bypass these geo-restrictions, allowing you to access the necessary resources or services.

Overall, a VPN provides a secure and private connection, allowing you to work remotely without compromising the security of your data or the company’s resources.

There could be several reasons why your VPN is slow. Some possible reasons include:

1. Server congestion: If the VPN server you are connected to is experiencing high traffic or congestion, it can result in slower speeds. Try connecting to a different server or contacting your VPN provider for assistance.

2. Distance to the server: The physical distance between your location and the VPN server can affect the speed. Connecting to a server that is far away can result in slower speeds due to increased latency.

3. Internet connection speed: Your overall internet connection speed can impact the performance of your VPN. If you have a slow internet connection, it can affect the speed of your VPN as well.

4. VPN encryption: VPNs use encryption to secure your data, but this encryption process can also slow down your connection. Some VPN protocols may be faster than others, so you can try switching to a different protocol to see if it improves the speed.

5. Device performance: The performance of your device, such as its processing power and available memory, can also impact the speed of your VPN. If your device is older or has limited resources, it may struggle to handle the encryption and decryption processes of the VPN, resulting in slower speeds.

6. ISP throttling: Some internet service providers (ISPs) may intentionally slow down VPN connections as a way to manage network traffic. This is known as throttling. You can try using a different VPN protocol or contacting your ISP to inquire about any potential throttling.

7. Other factors: Other factors such as network congestion, firewall settings, or running multiple applications simultaneously can also contribute to slower VPN speeds.

It’s important to note that VPN speeds can vary depending on various factors, and it may not always be possible to achieve the same speeds as your regular internet connection.

In most cases, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can see that a user is connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). However, they cannot see the actual content of the data being transmitted through the VPN tunnel. The VPN encrypts the data, making it unreadable to the ISP. The ISP can only see that there is encrypted traffic going to and from the VPN server.