Briefly first: Yes and no. It is very difficult (almost impossible) to decrypt or intercept your VPN traffic, but it is quite easy to embed a virus into software / application (especially for Android and Windows). It is also possible that when you bought a VPN, you entered your card details, or your paypal account when paying… Подробнее »

Business VPN from FineVPN

Does your business need security when communicating within the company? Business (Corporate) VPN, the perfect solution for you. We can connect all your offices and branches around the world into one corporate VPN network, which will provide encryption of all traffic between your points. We have extensive experience in building VPN networks, and excellent bandwidth.… Подробнее »

The prices of Evernote in different countries

Канада 9,99 $ Франция 8,49 $ Германия 8,46 $ США 7,99 $ Швейцария 7,79 $ Великобритания 7,04 $ Сингапур 5,98 $ Япония 5,47 $ ОАЭ 4,90 $ ЮАР 3,68 $ Россия 3,04 $ Таиланд 3 $ Индия 2,59 $ Бразилия 1,76 $ Турция 1 $